The Best Month to Sell A House in Kenilworth

What is the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth?

Kenilworth is always a tough area in which to identify market trends due to its small sample size.  A few transactions can throw statistical trends out of whack. While the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth is partially influenced by the seasonality of the Kenilworth real estate market, it is hard to discern pattern. At times, weather, school calendars and the holiday seasons help drive the Kenilworth real estate market. Analyzing the historic ebbs and flows of monthly data in Kenilworth real estate can provide some guidance.  Knowing this data helps identify the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth and provides strategic advantages to sellers.

Let's Consider these Statistics:

  1. "Under Contract" Activity by Month
  2. Showing Activity by Month
  3. Total Homes on Market by Month

Monthly Under Contract Activity

The number of homes that go “Under Contract” in a given month represents the number of buyers who have made an offer that was accepted. To capitalize on the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth, ideally we want your home on the market during the months when the greatest number of buyers make offers (keep in mind that buyers start shopping 30-60 days in advance of making an offer).

Peak "under contract" activity has varied from year to year. In 2019, April led the way with 7 "under contract" homes and activity stayed strong through August. March won with 9 "under contract" homes for 2018. And, in 2017, May won with 10 "under contracts" and a deep dive into low "under contract" activity until November.

April wins! In al three years, April has either been very strong or has led with the greatest number of "under contracts".  One thing is for certain, activity almost always slows in the fall and early winter months (except for November 2017) so it is best to avoide listing at that time.

Best Month to Sell a House in Kenilworth: Monthly Under Contract Activity

Monthly Showing Activity

Historic showing activity provides insight into the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth. We like to monitor showing activity for our listings so that we can identify any unusual trends.

Not surprisingly, showing activity mirrors the "under contract" activity with the greatest showing activity translating into moer "under contract" activity.  April, again, seems to be a fairly strong month for showing actitivity so it is beneficial to have your home on the market when showing activity is high.

Opportunity alert! More showings tend to occur in April even though fewer total homes exist on market during those months (see below chart). More demand and lower supply always provide an advantage to sellers!

Best Month to Sell a House in Kenilworth: Showing Activity by Month

Total Homes on Market By Month

When determining the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth, consider the historic total number of homes on the market each month. In other words, this statistic demonstrates the level of competition (ie., the supply of homes) to which buyers have access.

Notably, showing activity is strong in April yet this month historically possess fewer total homes on market than in other months.  An April list date can benefit sellers because less competition exists at exactly the same time that demand peaks (ie., more showings occur). In conclusion, the data suggests April is the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth.

Best Month to Sell a Home in Kenilworth: Total Homes on Market by Month

And the Best Month to Sell a House in Kenilworth is. . .

If we have to pick the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth, April gets the win! Of course, remember that homes priced well and in move-in condition will sell quickly and for closer to list price at nearly any time of the year. So don't worry if you must list at a different time of the year. April may be the best month to sell a house in Kenilworth but it is not the only month in which many homes sell!

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A Note for Kenilworth Buyers. . . 

Given the data, what is the best month to buy a house in Kenilworth? It depends on your goals. . . A house priced well and in move-in condition will sell fast at any time of the year. Although rare to find great value and move-in ready, if you find one don't delay! It is much better to strike quickly to avoid a multiple offer situation.

The greatest number of move-in ready homes will come on the market in early spring (February - April). Of course, sellers are feeling confident at that time and buyer competition is highest so it is hard to get a good deal but you do get first pick!

If you would prefer to get a "deal", many gems can be found in late summer and early fall. Inventories are still high and buyer activity has slowed so sellers get nervous and are often more inclined to negotiate rather than carry a house through the winter. Late summer/early fall is the best time of the year to get aggressive with offer price.

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