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DATA DRIVEN DECISIONS:  Data and Analysis Reveal Opportunities

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As passionate researchers and diligent observers of the North Shore real estate market, we invite you to utilize our extensive resources, as well as our unique and comprehensive services powered by Compass Real Estate.  Our goal? To ensure you make the best-informed and most-profitable real estate decisions.  We welcome the opportunity to assist with your next home buying experience.


Yours in Prosperity,
Lisa, Lourdes & Carolyn


OUR BUYER RESOURCES - North Shore Real Estate

Know Your Market: The Power of Data

Data is powerful. Know stats like monthly under contract activity, weekly showing activity, inventory levels and pricing trends to gain the competitive edge.  Contact Us for custom curated stats relating to your search.

Supercharge Your Search 101: and Collections

Access to inventory is key - especially in the busy spring market. permits you to directly search its off-MLS listings nationwide! Coupled with Collections (a Pinterest-style collaboration tool),  your home search will be comprehensive, convenient and fun.

Supercharge Your Search 102: Search By Elementary School

Heart set on a certain school?  We have curated automated MLS searches in real-time, by elementary school, to keep you updated on inventory.

Supercharge Your Search 103: Off-Market & Agent Networks

Sometimes the perfect home comes down to having the inside scoop. Our vast personal networks of agents, along with our membership in the Top Agent Network (top 10% of North Shore agents) will ensure if the perfect home is not already out there, we find it for you!

Find Flexibility: Compass Bridge Loans

It’s tough to juggle two homes. Showings, packing, throw in a few pets or kids, and you’ve got maximum stress. Compass bridge loans offer you flexibility to temporarily carry two homes.   This is an exclusive program from Compass—contact Lisa and Lourdes for additional details.

Generate Opportunity: Creative Negotiating Tactics

Rising interest rates and taxes can put pressure on your purchase power but as the market gets tough, the tough get creative! Armed with our out of the box economic and finance strategies, you'll have the upper hand at negotiation time.

Your home is a major investment.

Leave nothing to chance.

Make your Next Decision Data Driven.

We believe data and analysis reveal opportunity. Not only do we provide the essential statistics to make informed decisions about your next dream home, our 6-Point Strategic Buyer Program takes you from imagining your new home to living in it!

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Search By North Shore Elementary School

Exclusive to, you can search for your dream home by elementary school. Download a map of the North Shore school boundaries and downtown areas here.

Search By North Shore Elementary School

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