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Selling Your Home

You've heard the market is on fire and your neighbor sold for $$$$ but what does that mean for you?

Whether you'd like to explore the price and process of selling your home, or already know you're ready to list, we are committed to delivering you a superior selling experience. Operating in the top 10% of agents on the North Shore, we know the comps, the market stats, the players and have assembled every resource imaginable to make your home sale as profitable and hassle-free as possible.  In short, we have perfected the art of maximizing price while minimizing hassle.

We look forward to working with you!

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How We Work

Start Your North Shore Home Search


Schedule Your Strategic Price Analysis

It all begins with a tour. . .

Let's walk through your home to identify its strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of today's buyers. Next, we'll share our in-depth analysis of the local market in your neighborhood, including buyer demand, showing activity, pricing trends and inventory levels. Finally, we'll discuss your home's position in the marketplace to maximize your home's selling price.


Prepare Your Home

We'll bring our A-Team to you!

We've teamed up with the best and brightest in the industry to address every element of your home's sale.  From our complimentary staging consultants, to our vendors who can fix the creaks and cracks. . . from our elite photographers and videographers who will feature your home in its best light, to our custom digital, social media, print and direct mail marketing professionals. . . you'll also gain access to our exclusive Compass-backed programs, such as Concierge and Bridge Loan Services, and benefit from our extensive negotiation and contract experience.

We've got you covered, with one singular purpose. . . to maximize your home's selling price and minimize the hassle.

Lisa Finks, Lourdes Arencibia & Carolyn Duris are your Compass Concierge experts for Chicago's North Shore. We will ensure you make smart improvements in the most economical way to increase the value of your home on Chicago's North Shore.


Sell Your Home

Whether you want a private, off-market sale or one that blasts your home to the high hills - we can expertly sell your home in the manner you prefer.  We'll make recommendations about what type of sale will be most effective but, at the end of the day, it's your home, your sale, and your preference!

We look forward to working with you!

List Your Home for a Private Sale

No signs. No open houses. No photos on the internet.

Handled via the Private Listing Network of the MLS. We can sell your home for a great price with maximum privacy and minimum hassle.

Helping Families Sell on the North Shore

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Seller Resources

Know the Stats: The Power of Data

Data is powerful. Know stats like monthly under contract activity, monthly showing activity, inventory levels and pricing trends to gain the competitive edge.  Contact Lisa and Lourdes for custom curated stats relating to your home.

Boost Your Home's Value: Compass Concierge

We can now get you funding for the services that will increase the value of your property and when your home sells, you’ll simply add that amount (and nothing more) to the commission.

Find Flexiblity: Compass Bridge Loans

It’s tough to juggle two homes. Showings, packing, throw in a few pets or kids, and you’ve got maximum stress. Compass bridge loans offer you flexibility to temporarily carry two homes and have Compass front up to 6 months of the payments.   This will be an exclusive program from Compass—contact Lisa, Lourdes or Carolyn for additional details or click below.

Gain The Advantage: Compass Coming Soon

Exposure is KEY! As a seller, permits your home to be searched pre-MLS by all buyers (and indexed by Google too) creating a huge advantage in the marketplace! It's national brand exposes you to over 8,000 closely connected agents nationwide. 

Get Maximum Exposure: Advanced Marketing Techniques

Stunning Best-in-Class photography to reveal your home's essence. Traditional marketing methods (print, networking, direct mail, etc) layered with our high-tech ones (digital ads, video, retargeting, etc.), ensure the most relevant and qualified buyers view your home.

Generate Opportunity: Creative Negotiating Tactics

As the market gets tough, the tough get creative. Arm yourself with our out-of-the-box negotiation and finance strategies to help you emerge with top dollar at closing. 

Compass Concierge

Compass Concierge will assist you with the execution of a tailored plan for updating and staging your home for prospective buyers. Compass Real Estate  will cover the upfront costs associated with home-selling improvements and collect

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About Lisa, Lourdes & Carolyn

Merging their individual knowledge, resources and expertise, Lisa, Lourdes & Carolyn offer their real estate clients superior advocacy skills and exceptional results.

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About Compass

Compass takes a high-tech, high-touch approach, combining the best agents, transformational tools, and unparalleled marketing and support services.

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Book Your Home's Photos Now

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Do you plan to sell your home in the next 6-9 months?

If so, you'll gain a huge strategic advantage by getting professional exterior photos of your home now, while the leaves are green and the gardens are lush. Schedule an appointment with us and we'll send our photographer to take exterior photos of your front and back yards. For some homes, we may want to capture aerial photos too.

By taking photos now, we will have captivating photos of your home for whenever you list - even if the weather is dreary when you eventually go on the market!

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